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Today, for most of us the Internet has ceased to be something exotic. He confidently enters our lives, and this is only the beginning. We search the net for answers to any questions, purchase different goods and services, looking for friends and business partners. In all this vast world of electronic information, we help search engines. They are like guides, or the encyclopedia that knows the answers to all the questions.

Just imagine that even the best search engine with the biggest database of indexed documents did not cover even half of all documents that are open for free access. Search engines are constantly evolving, there are new opportunities. However, very rapidly growing number of Internet users. All looking for something, and search engines need to offer to every specific answers to their questions.

Together with the increasing number of Internet users expands the market for the sale of goods and services. There were whole classes of users who always buy only through the Internet. And some firms just can't imagine how you can still sell your products, because all the methods that apply in the offline (taken together), are not able to get even close to these amounts.

Very important role is played by search engines. It is from them depends largely on how many visitors come to your website. Today there is a trend of the development of search engines for a particular user. Ranking algorithms try to take into account the opinion of other people, history, user preferences – trying to please everyone.

Today, the company Google Inc. owns the most popular search engine, Google has one of the largest databases of indexed documents. Engine search engine developed in 1997 Sergey Brin and Larry page, graduates from Stanford University. They were among the first algorithms used to determine page relevancy the PageRank technology, which relies on the credibility of the document, depending on external links to it. Initially, Google has positioned itself only in the search market. Now she has many directions and various online services, including software development, free e-mail system, its own system of electronic payments and .

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