Creating your own website. The website as a tool to gain profit in the future

So, if you have decided on the topics of the future project should proceed to the immediate implementation of their ideas. Where do you start? With the domain name. As stated in a famous cartoon: as the ship will name, so it will float. If you think your project is absolutely unique, and the name he needs to find the appropriate.

Given the current realities and world experience, you can not even try to find a domain name in the zone .com, which is present in dictionaries, they are all busy. You can come up with a name of 2-3 words, their combinations, popular prefixes, etc. But not worth that much to get involved, you need to think about future users. Consider whether people will be able to see the name of your domain and never to associate with you? Avoid ambiguous phrases and spellings. The domain name must sound in different languages equally and have the appropriate spelling.

Great attention should be paid to the design of the site. Remember that the wrap must be beautiful. Even a very high quality product can be sold, wrapping it in a nice wrapper. Conversely, whatever was unique and revolutionary your project, saving, and making for him a beautiful professional design, you'll ruin the whole thing. The design should be professional. Given what we want in the future to promote the project in search engines, websites created entirely in Flash. Also, most likely, will need to give up some dynamic features, such as AJAX. If your site is done using frames, or entirely on AJAX technology, it will hinder its visibility by search engines.

If you create a serious project and we hope for great prospects, take the time to turn to professional copywriters. Correctly, without errors written text will add solidity to your project and will help to avoid unnecessary problems. At the stage of creating the site you need to think about its internal linking structure. Properly thought-out navigation, file names, will make your project attractive to search engines, it will not have problems with indexing in the future. Partitions and file names you can call by their proper names, preferably in English without errors. Avoid the URL length and the number of parameters passed to the script.

In any case, for a full-fledged project, we need hosting. If your project is not very demanding loads, database sizes, disk space can be limited to some U.S. virtual hosting. Options to choose more than enough. A very important role in any project related to work with clients, plays a support, in other words, you must maintain constant contact with their clients. The site should be a form to fill out the application, you should handle them and respond within the day, it is very popular with the users.

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