Keywords Research

So, you already have a website, what's next? First you need to make sure that everything works correctly. Check that all links inside the site work, all pages are present, whether the website displays in all browsers. Create a file robots.txt write down in it what parts of the site and page you would not want to allow for search engines.

Next you need to optimize the text content of the site. But for this you need a list of your most interesting search queries. Having such a list, you will need to mention these keywords in the page titles and the text.

How to choose keywords for your website? First you need to understand that in order for the website your visitors come from search engines, should strive to be for certain popular queries on the first page of results. To do this, it would be nice to have some statistics from the search engines on a set of those or other requests. Naturally, precise numbers, no one will provide. Some search engines give stats where we can compare the popularity of the queries among themselves, some provide statistics of impressions of advertisements on these requests. This is something, some benefit from such services can be removed.

We will easily be able to pinpoint what exactly people are typing into the search box. But to a few numerical indicators should be approached with skepticism. Given the fact that it is very much in the network utilities that constantly check the position of your websites in search engines, it should be remembered that these programmes greatly affect such statistics. It is very noticeable in highly competitive themes.

Perhaps for you it is not a secret that according to statistics most popular queries consisting of 2 words, followed by single-word and trehshovnye. Single-word queries in most cases are not particularly relevant in terms of actual conversion of visitors into buyers, as they are almost always just the information or generalizations.

In any case, we need to gather a list of 10-20 popular, we are interested in queries that precisely match the theme of our site. The most important of them should be mentioned in the page title and several times in the text. The rest of the phrase can be mentioned once. Very often people are only optimising the home page, which is then promoted, and then we stop. But don't forget that a large mass of visitors, about half, looking for what they need for more specific queries, that is less popular. Optimizing all pages of the website for some low-frequency queries, you can get a good flow of visitors, perhaps even more than to the main page of the site.

You need to consider also the fact that in the English-speaking Internet a lot of competition in almost all directions. And if you start your project from scratch, do not just try to get on top on the most popular request. It is unreal, and the search engine will try to do everything to quickly you have failed. Therefore, in the view of the Council, I can say that it is better to start to promote the site malcontentism requests, gradually increasing the strength of the site and then move on to more complex phrases. So, with a set of keywords for the website we understand, the site is optimized. How to make a website soon was on the first page of search engines. For this you will need to increase the link popularity of your site, get links from outside with the desired key phrases. How to do it and how – there are so many methods and opinions. Search engines are constantly improving algorithms, and the people, to promote the site constantly adapt to these changes.

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