What is Featured Snippet?

Featured Snippet - a short summary of an answer to a search query, displayed above organic search results. It's also known as Position Zero because it ranks higher than the #1 search result.

Google first introduced Featured Snippets in 2014 to provide quick answers to users' queries. The Snippets are pulled from high-quality web pages that match specific user intent, making them a valuable source of information for the user.

The content within the featured snippet is displayed as plain text, lists or tables and is intended to give users an immediate answer without having to click on any of the search results.

The Benefits of Featured Snippet

A Featured Snippet can offer several benefits for both SEO and user experience:

Tips for Optimizing Content for Featured Snippets?

If you want your content appearing within a Featured Snippet, here are some things you can do:

You'll want to make sure you have concise answers for common questions as well, since Google will feature the paragraph(s) that best answer them within your content.