What is Guestographics?

Guestographics- a term that has been gaining popularity in recent years, refers to the combination of two effective marketing strategies: guest blogging and infographics. In simpler terms, it is a method where you create an infographic and use it as a guest post on other websites. This way, you can reach out to their audience while offering them valuable content.

The idea behind Guestographics is simple - by creating high-quality visual content relevant to your target audience's interests, you'll be able to capture their attention more effectively. Infographics have become increasingly popular in today's digital age because they are visually appealing, easy-to-read and shareable across various platforms.

Guest blogging has always been an effective way of building backlinks and driving traffic to your website; however, with so many people doing it these days, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. By combining guest blogging with infographics through Guestographics strategy, you can differentiate yourself from others by offering unique value proposition.

Benefits of using Guestographics:

If executed correctly, the benefits of using Guestographics are plentiful. Firstly, infographics tend to attract more readers compared to textual blog posts due to their visual appeal. Secondly, by posting on another website as a guest blogger/infographic creator along with few external links pointing back at your own site will help build quality backlinks which increases overall domain authority which ultimately results in better search rankings for targeted keywords.

In addition, when shared across social media channels , infograhics tend to attract more shares, likes and engagement making it a great tool for increasing brand awareness.

Lastly, infographics with guest posts offer an opportunity to tap into another website's audience , allowing you to reach out to people who might not have come across your content otherwise. This can be particularly useful if the website you are targeting has a larger or more engaged audience than yours.

How to Create Guestographics:

The process of creating Guestographics is straightforward but requires effort and creativity. First, research popular topics related to your niche that would interest your target audience. Then create an infographic around this topic using data and statistics from reputable sources along with high-quality visuals.
After that find websites in your niche which accept guest post submissions; submit them along with engaging copy, bio (if required), infographic and some relevant photos.

In addition, ensure the content is optimized for SEO by including appropriate tags, meta descriptions , alt-tags for all images used within the visual product while applying schema markup code (<schema>). Finally, use social media channels & email outreach tactics as much as possible in order gain maximum exposure for created guest post(s).

In conclusion, Guestographics strategy offers an effective way of combining two existing marketing strategies - infographics and guest blogging - in a unique way that allows businesses to generate quality backlinks while reaching new audiences. By focusing on creating high-quality, visually appealing infographics that offer value to your target audience and submitting them as guest posts on relevant websites, you can achieve significant marketing results.