What is Hybrid App?

Hybrid App is a combination of both native and web applications. It uses a single codebase that can be used on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

A hybrid app has access to the device's hardware capabilities like camera, contacts, GPS, etc., which makes it more functional than a web application. It also offers offline support through local storage.

The development process for hybrid apps involves using HTML5/JavaScript/CSS technologies and wrapping them in a native container to run on the device. This approach results in faster development time and cost savings compared to developing separate native versions.

The Benefits of Using Hybrid Apps:

One of the main benefits of using hybrid apps is their ability to run across multiple platforms. This saves valuable resources by allowing developers to write one codebase instead of multiple ones for different platforms.

In addition, these types of apps offer improved speed since they require fewer server requests than traditional web applications. They are also easier to maintain because updates can be pushed out quickly without requiring users to download new versions from an app store.

Last but not least, hybrid apps offer better user experiences because they combine aspects from both web-based and native applications. Users can enjoy fast load times while still accessing features like push notifications or location services that make apps feel more personalised and interactive.

The Challenges with Developing Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid app development comes with its own set of challenges. Because they rely on external frameworks like Cordova or PhoneGap wrap native components around HTML5/JS code - there may be performance issues when trying to integrate complex functionality into the UI layer.

Furthermore, some device-specific features may not be available in hybrid apps, which can limit their functionality compared to native applications. This is especially true for graphics-intensive games or other apps that require hardware acceleration.

Another challenge with hybrid app development is debugging and troubleshooting. Since these apps have multiple layers of code (HTML5/JS/CSS wrapped inside a native container), it can be difficult to find issues within the application's codebase.