What is iAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)?

iAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is a non-profit organization that represents the digital advertising industry. It was founded in 1996 to standardize the way online ads are measured and delivered, and to establish guidelines for advertisers and publishers.

The iAB has been instrumental in developing industry-wide standards for various types of digital advertising, such as display ads, mobile ads, video ads, and native advertising. The organization's members include leading tech companies, agencies, brands, and media companies.

The iAB's mission is to promote growth of the interactive advertising industry through education, advocacy, research, and networking opportunities. The organization provides valuable resources for its members including best practices guides, market research studies and reports on emerging trends.

How Does iAB Help Publishers?

Publishers face numerous challenges in monetizing their content online – from ad fraud to ad-blocking software – which can negatively impact their ability to generate revenue. The iAB helps publishers by setting standards that help ensure transparency between buyers and sellers on issues like viewability measurements.

iAB's guidelines also help protect user privacy while making it easier for advertisers to deliver relevant content or advertisements based upon users’ interests.

In addition,iAB helps publishers by uniting them with other players within the ecosystem—such as marketers—to create consistent experiences across platforms through initiatives like “Rising Stars Ads”, offering new creative formats that provide seamless brand storytelling without disrupting user experience.<\p>

How Does iAB Help Advertisers?

The iAB offers guidance for advertisers looking to get more out of their campaigns using innovative approaches based on ideas, principles, and data-driven standards. This guidance can assist with choosing partners or vetting vendors, as well as provide valuable insights into how to measure success in the ever-changing digital advertising world.

One of the most important ways that iAB helps advertisers is through developing guidelines and standards around measurement practices, which aim to increase trust between buyers and sellers. By providing a set of criteria for things like viewability, ad fraud detection and mobile optimization, iAB is helping create reliable metrics for determining value in digital advertising campaigns.

In addition,iAB provides access to industry research focused on emerging trends,effectiveness of different formats,and the best way to utilize new technologies like AR/VR.<\p>