What is Pigeon algorithm?

Pigeon algorithm - a term that has been buzzing around the world of search engines for quite some time now. In simple words, it is an algorithm update that Google introduced in the year 2014 to improve local search results.

The main objective behind introducing this update was to offer relevant and accurate search results based on user's location and intent. With Pigeon algorithm, Google intended to provide better visibility to local businesses by giving them higher rankings in organic searches.

This update was specifically designed to focus on providing better local search results by using signals such as location data, keywords used in directories and other contextual factors related to a particular business.

The Impact of Pigeon Algorithm on Local Search Results

One of the significant impacts of Pigeon algorithm is that it gave priority to local listings over traditional organic listings. This means when a user searches for a particular service or product within their locality, they will be shown more relevant and accurate information about local businesses with higher ranking than non-local ones.

Furthermore, Pigeon algorithm also focused significantly on improving the accuracy of direct queries related to specific locations such as 'restaurant near me' or 'coffee shop nearby.' The aim was not only to show relevant business listings but also display additional information such as reviews, opening hours, address and contact number so users can make informed decisions before visiting any place.

To sum up, due to its impact on optimizing local search results and improving overall user experience, Pigeon algorithm remains one of the most crucial updates introduced by Google in recent years.

The Importance of NAP Consistency for Local Businesses

NAP consistency - Name, Address and Phone Number is one of the critical factors that determine local search visibility. Pigeon algorithm uses NAP information as a significant ranking signal to display local business listings accurately in search results.

Therefore, it is essential for local businesses to ensure their NAP details are up-to-date and consistent across all online platforms such as directories, social media pages and business listing sites. The more consistent the NAP details are across different platforms, the higher chances of getting better rankings in relevant searches.

In conclusion, while Pigeon algorithm has brought significant changes in the world of local search engines, it has also created an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to improve their online visibility by providing accurate and consistent NAP details across various digital channels.