What is Rule-Based Bidding?

Rule-Based Bidding - a strategy that takes into account specific conditions and factors to determine the price for an advertisement. Advertisers set specific rules and parameters within their campaigns with the purpose of optimizing performance while minimizing costs.

By automating the bidding process, this approach allows advertisers to reduce manual labor and increase efficiency when managing multiple advertising platforms. This enables advertisers to focus on creative strategies rather than constantly monitoring bid prices.

This type of bidding uses data-driven decision-making to adjust bids according to each impression's probability of converting or not. This ensures that ad impressions are only purchased at fair market value without sacrificing overall campaign goals or quality score.

The Advantages of Rule-Based Bidding

Besides saving time by avoiding manual labor, rule-based bidding provides several advantages over other types of bidding:

The Limitations Of Rule-Based Bidding Strategies

A few limitations exist within rule-based bidding strategies: