What is Sender Score?

Sender Score - a measure of your email sending reputation, created by Return Path. It evaluates the quality of your outgoing mail based on factors like volume, spam complaints, and unknown user rates. A score is given to each IP address that sends email, ranging from 0 to 100; the higher your score, the better your deliverability. A good Sender Score can improve inbox placement and open rates because ISPs trust senders with high scores. On the other hand, a bad score can cause emails to be blocked or sent to spam folders. To maintain a healthy Sender Score, it's important to follow best practices for email marketing such as keeping lists clean and engaged while avoiding tactics that may result in high bounce rates or complaints.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Sender Score

Your Sender Score is an indicator of how well you're doing in maintaining a strong emailing reputation. It provides insights into how you are perceived as an email marketer by internet service providers (ISPs) and if they regard you as credible or not. By constantly monitoring your Sender Score, you'll be able to detect any sudden drops indicating problematic delivery issues before it gets worse. This way, you have time to adjust accordingly before being blacklisted from future campaigns. The goal should be always aiming for a score above 70 (out of100). To increase it over time continue providing valuable content where subscribers engage positively; avoid buying lists or frequently emailing inactive users which are negative indicators in general.

Tips for Improving Your Sender Score

If you want better delivery results via e-mail efforts – focus on improving your Sender Score. Maintain proper list hygiene: Remove hard bounces immediately after every campaign since those will hurt your stats negatively. Ensure subscribers gave explicit consent before adding them to your list, and make it easy for them to opt out. Avoid generic email copy or HTML that may get caught by spam filters. Keep the design simple but professional, with personalized subject lines addressing their specific needs Don't abuse punctuation and exclamation points – avoid ALL CAPS in messages which are seen as suspiciously "salesy." By following these best practices on a consistent basis, you can improve your Sender Score over time and achieve better deliverability rates.