What is Twitter Moments?

Twitter Moments is a feature that allows users to curate and share collections of tweets centered around specific topics. Essentially, it's a way for people to tell stories on Twitter by compiling content from various sources into one cohesive narrative.

With the rise of social media as a primary source of news and information in recent years, Twitter Moments has become increasingly popular. Rather than sifting through hundreds of individual tweets to get a sense of what's happening on any given topic, users can simply navigate to curated Moment collections and easily digest pertinent information all in one place.

To create a Moment, users select relevant tweets- whether their own or others'- choose an eye-catching cover image, add context with captions or brief explanations if needed and publish the collection for others to see.

The Benefits of Using Twitter Moments

Beyond being able to conveniently consume content on specific topics, there are several benefits for both creators and viewers when it comes to using Twitter moments:

How to Create a Moment on Twitter

To create a tweet moment, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your profile page and click on "Moments" then select "create new moment."
  2. Add tweets, whether from your own timeline or via search.
  3. Select a cover image.
  4. Add captions/ brief explanations as needed for context.

  5. Publish your Moment!
  6. In conclusion, Twitter Moments is an increasingly valuable tool that allows users to consume information easily while providing creators with ample opportunities for showcasing their expertise through compilation-based storytelling. Now it's time to try this feature by yourself and experience all its benefits!